clusterprocessing 0.0 Documentation
Date:November 28, 2013


clusterprocessing is a ... written in the Python Programming Language ...

This project is being developed for ...

The overall goal for this project is to ...



# ...


  • ...


The simplest and recommended way to install clusterprocessing is with pip. You may install the latest stable release from PyPI with pip:

> pip install clusterprocessing

If you do not have pip, you may use easy_install:

> easy_install clusterprocessing

Alternatively, you may download the source package from the PyPI Page or the Downloads page on the Project Website; extract it and install using:

> python install

You can also install the latest-development version by using pip or easy_install:

> pip install clusterprocessing==dev


> easy_install clusterprocessing==dev

For further information see the clusterprocessing documentation.

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